Nipping Out- Simple, organic, homemade, 3 ingredient Nipple Butter recipe

It’s spring and tis the season for babies! In fact, MY baby (not quite a baby at nearly two and a half) caught a baby rabbit in our garden today. It was then relocated OUTSIDE of said garden to discourage it from eating anymore of my cilantro. And to continue with this baby motif… I… Read More

Wanna Be a Wild Woman? DEPEND on yourself.

After coming home from Costa Rica last week, I felt like I could check all the boxes for a successful vacation. But what does make a vacation successful for me? As I was reflecting on what makes each of my adventures so meaningful, I realized that there was a basic recipe for coming home feeling… Read More

We are Living in a Bacterial World, and I Am a Bacterial Girl-My Crockpot Yogurt Recipe

The gut is a cauldron. A magical container where sugar and spice combine with eyes of newt and puppy dog tails to determine conjure spells on our organs and even our emotions. The belly works in mysterious ways, but nutritionists and doctors do agree that adding in fermented foods can increase immunity, increase lactic acid,… Read More

Brewing the Impossible-Caffeine Free Kombucha

Trying to kick the stimulants? Does jacking your heart rate up not appeal to you? Maybe caffeine rocks your belly too much? Want to drink Kombucha, even in the evenings, without worrying about being held hostage by an upper? This Brew’s for You. Such a simple substitution. Such a dramatic impact. So, the plan: Use… Read More

Homemade Bailey’s Liqueur

It’s 9AM and I may or may not have had a shot of Jameson Whiskey. You’ve got to taste what you make before you give it as a gift- fact. This is a make-while-you’re-frying-eggs and-serve-with-coffee-at-breakfast kind of homemade beverage. Super quick. Super simple. I don’t know what it is about winter, but everything seems better… Read More

Skin Soothing Whipped Body Butter

I found my new go-to skin treatment recipe. So simple. So luxurious. I’m glad I made a large first batch, or I don’t know if all of this body butter would have ended up as gifts. Super basic premise. Equal parts cocoa butter and coconut oil. Then go crazy with oil and scent combinations. Whip… Read More

DIY Beeswax Food Wrap

Well, it’s two weeks before Thanksgiving but I’m ready to get some Christmas presents started! I go and visit my family over Thanksgiving so instead of mailing their gifts I like to bring them up the month before hand. Yesterday I worked on whipped lavender body cream, honey mint lip balm, grounding body oil, and… Read More