Wanna Be a Wild Woman? DEPEND on yourself.

After coming home from Costa Rica last week, I felt like I could check all the boxes for a successful vacation. But what does make a vacation successful for me? As I was reflecting on what makes each of my adventures so meaningful, I realized that there was a basic recipe for coming home feeling… Read More

5 Realizations About Living in the Now

Fresh picked oranges. Poetry slam. 65 degree weather run. Local wine. Oh, did I forget to mention the enlightening discussion regarding the power of living in this present moment? Thank you, CA. And thank you, especially, to my generous, thoughtful hosts who accepted me into their home and showed me an amazing time. It’s said… Read More

Skin Soothing Whipped Body Butter

I found my new go-to skin treatment recipe. So simple. So luxurious. I’m glad I made a large first batch, or I don’t know if all of this body butter would have ended up as gifts. Super basic premise. Equal parts cocoa butter and coconut oil. Then go crazy with oil and scent combinations. Whip… Read More