Order the Fundamentals of Yoga Clinic to Bring You Back to Center in Just 4 Weeks!

Less is more.  Let’s get back to the basics that are guaranteed to bring more consciousness, contentment, and connection back into each day.

The Fundamentals of Yoga clinic realigns you to the basics of Breath, Body, Mind, and Spirit. This four week online clinic is perfect for substituting chaotic energy for more mindful activities.  In just one month, these simple guidelines will promote more awareness and joy in the physical, mental, and social self.

Fundamentals of Yoga is a clinic meant to be incorporated into your current lifestyle, facilitating mindfulness even during that busy schedule. Yoga, meditation, and nutritional strategies are broken down on a daily basis for four weeks-or longer if you’d like, since you own the material and can process it at your own pace.

This Fundamentals of Yoga clinic will focus on Breath, Body, Mind, and Spirit and will provide you with:

  • Sanskrit and alignment breakdowns for basic and advanced poses
  • Guided mindfulness and meditation exercises with space to
  • Recipes and nutritional information for eating in harmony with the body’s needs
  • Informational articles to deepen understanding of holistic living
  • Positive affirmations and mantras for focusing the thoughts
  • LIVE consultations with a certified yoga instructor each week

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Fundamentals of Yoga-Online Clinic

Rewire your thinking on what fuels the body and focuses the mind. Guide the body to holistic wellness by providing the body and mind with yoga, meditation, and intuitive nutrition. Realign with your authentic self over this four week online clinic focusing on Breath, Body, Mind, and Spirit.