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Yoga, Nutrition, and Meditation Plan

Rewire your thinking on what fuels the body and generates energy. Guide the body to holistic wellness by providing the body and mind with yoga, meditation, and intuitive nutrition. Includes: Nutrition Plan with weekly recipes, shopping lists, and literature to rewire how we interact with food Yoga Plan with a 'Pose of the Day' breakdown and weekly yoga video to practice in your own time and space Meditation Plan with a "Mantra of the Day" and weekly guided meditations


Less is more.  Let’s scale back on all of the work that you’re doing each week and bring in more contentment and connection back into each day.

These 4 week online courses are perfect for substituting our chaotic energy for more mindful activities. All plans will evaluate where simple modifications can be made to promote more awareness and joy in our physical, mental, and social self.

Each plan is customizable and meant to be adapted and incorporated into your current lifestyle without adding more to that busy schedule. Yoga practices and poses, mindfulness and meditation exercises, recipes and nutritional information, and positive affirmations will be included in each plan. Choose a plan that speaks to you to today.

Yoga, Meditation, and Nutrition Plans

  • Yoga for Relaxation
  • Yoga for Energy
  • Yoga for Chakra Alignment
  • Yoga Prenatal
  • Yoga Basics