Holistic Nutrition

The Modern Yogi’s Cookbook

This cookbook is a playful application of the yamas and the niyamas- the ten yogi commandments, so to speak. It is a 75 page informational text that not only introduces each yama and niyama, but provides an interpretation and explanation of how we can aspire to apply these yogic principles to even the simplest of tasks, such as the time we spend in the kitchen. This cookbook aims to bring awareness to how mindful we are being in our everyday moments: the spaces in between the “practice”, which are the truest form of practice themselves. *PDF copy for list price. Hard copy available for additional $20.00 printing and binding fee.


Kombucha Starter (SCOBY) with brewing instructions

If you’ve been wanting to start your own Kombucha Brew, this SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) along with its starter liquid are what you need. Once you add a fresh SCOBY to your brewed sweet tea, you’re kombucha is almost made! This SCOBY is shipped in plastic with enough liquid to start brewing. Instructions on Kombucha Brewing are included.


Food is simple.  Or it can be.

Eat what you grow, what your friends grow, what your environment produces.  Eat what you can pick, what you can hunt, what you can dig. Eat with intention.

Plants- eat a lot of them to understand the nutritional value of each.

Meat- eat what you harvest to understand the value of animal life.


I can help.

Email me to discuss Yogacentric’s 4 Week Simple Eating Plan and to learn about the recipes, shopping lists, and eating tips, that will save you time, increase your energy, and support the environment.