Pour Some Sugar On Me (in the shower)- three ingredient body scrub

Are Def Leopard references too dated? Probably overused, but hopefully still recognizable for their rockin’ quality, right? Right?

Even without the inevitable flashback to car karaoke, the title of the post is spot-on: three ingredients are all that stand between your current skin state and the skin of a mermaid (the top half, which is sun kissed and beach scrubbed and dances with refracted sunlight, not as much the bottom half, which is scaly, yet flowy, and still glitters).

Now that the sun is peeking out, Spring teasing us with bees on apricot trees and whole innings of jacket free little league games, it is time to scrub the dullness of Winter from our skin. It is time for sleeveless dresses (maybe with tights?), time for Chacos (maybe with socks?) and time for deck sitting (maybe with a heater?).

Preemptive or not, skin showing season will soon be upon us, and prepping that epidermis for maximum Vitamin D absorption starts with exfoliation, and our born-again-virgin skin is too vulnerable for acids and stones. So start with some of the simplest (and cheapest) ingredients lying around your cupboard to jumpstart that healthy, seasonal glow.

The ingredients you’ll need for your body scrub are:

  • avocado, almond, olive oil
  • white sugar
  • essential oil or oil blend of choice
  • container (Mason jar, repurposed glass, whatever)

The amounts of each ingredient are dependent upon the user. No strict measurements or monotony from this recipe (or any of my other recipes, actually)! But a few guidelines may help you determine ratios:

  • A 1:1 ratio allows all of the oil to be absorbed by sugar and be somewhat dry, but feel free to use extra oil to make more of a slurry consistency of skin needs some extra saturation.
  • The oil of choice will set the mood for your bathing ritual- I’ve been using peppermint to wake my skin up, but a little goes a long way unless you really dig those Icy Hot tingles post shower.
  • The container should be wide enough for you to bear paw the remaining scrub from the bottom.

Since this recipe size also depends on the size of container you are using, start by filling the container 2/3 full with sugar,

then slowly stirring in carrier oil (olive, avocado, almond) until desired consistency is met, then finally stirring in essential oil/oils of choice.

Done! Complete! Three ingredient spa treatment for all skin types!

Now the sun just needs to stay shining, and your family needs to allow you time for a real shower.

Author: yogacentricllc

A registered yoga instructor , outdoor enthusiast, and sustainable living practitioner who is here to support you on whatever quiets your mind and calms your soul.

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