Wanna Be a Wild Woman? DEPEND on yourself.


After coming home from Costa Rica last week, I felt like I could check all the boxes for a successful vacation. But what does make a vacation successful for me?

As I was reflecting on what makes each of my adventures so meaningful, I realized that there was a basic recipe for coming home feeling like a badass woman of the world.

Did it have to be in the most popular Location? Did I have to be in total luxury? Did I have to come home with buyers remorse?

None of the above help me get to that-oh-my-god-you’re-glowing status after checking out of reality for a few days.

But after taking an objective look at my most memorable trips-whether a full day or a full season- all of the these things need to be included to thrive, to shine, and see the my own world with fresh eyes upon return.

I’ve ordered my formula for making the most of your time away with the acronym DEPEND-because the personal growth that comes from adventuring depends on you and your approach to this opportunity.

DARE yourself. The only way to truly appreciate all that you can do is to feel the edges of your limitations. Try something that is intimidating, maybe something you’ve never done before or something you love to do but at a new level.
ENGAGE with your surroundings. Swim in all the bodies of water, learn the names of the trees that shade you, the flowers that flirt with you, the mountains that guard you, that birds that serenade you. Try all the local dishes.
PLAY. Crack silly jokes, run races, play cards, climb things, splash, flail, roll, giggle.
EMBRACE yourself in all your beauty- be naked. Anytime you can. Walking around your room or outside your tent, dipping into a hot tub or alpine lake. Let your body just be in the air and the sunshine: no confines, no constrictions, no judgement.
NURTURE yourself. Rest days are key. Have one night where you’re sleeping accommodations are cush or you schedule some sweet body work or lounge time.
DANCE. Swirl the inner water of the sacral chakra, the home of our sensuality, by moving the hips and tuning into the vibrations of the surroundings. Shake off your day, or your month, or the last five years with a bit of stomping and swaying. Dancing is universal, so one of the quickest ways to assimilate into new surroundings is to move your body with locals. Bonus points if you can find live music.

DEPEND on yourself to make each moment WILD, WONDERFUL, and WORTHY of your time.

Author: yogacentricllc

A registered yoga instructor , outdoor enthusiast, and sustainable living practitioner who is here to support you on whatever quiets your mind and calms your soul.

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