Want to Be More Creative? Move the Body, Not the Mouth.

Right before Christmas, when the snow was the best it has been all winter, I went cross country skiing to the soundtrack of pushing powder and panting breath of myself and two dogs. During the first half mile of this outing, there was a moment when I was frustrated that I wasn’t using this time… Read More

5 Realizations About Living in the Now

Fresh picked oranges. Poetry slam. 65 degree weather run. Local wine. Oh, did I forget to mention the enlightening discussion regarding the power of living in this present moment? Thank you, CA. And thank you, especially, to my generous, thoughtful hosts who accepted me into their home and showed me an amazing time. It’s said… Read More

You Are Worthy of Health

I’ve been writing Yoga, Nutrition, and Meditation Plans for anyone to implement from wherever they are at.  Writing the Nutrition Section of these plans really lays out some of the truths about health that I’ve been unearthing throughout my own journey into wellness. It is personal and honest.  These comprehensive Yoga, Nutrition, and Meditation Plans… Read More

Incorporating philosophy and storytelling into your yoga instruction

Good morning! It is Day 4 of my YogaFit training in Salem, Oregon.  Today is the last day of an extended weekend of inspiration and enthusiasm for teaching yoga.  I love getting together with other instructors to share how we each connect our students to the benefits of yoga (satsang). This training, especially, has made… Read More

Fear the Yoga and Do It Anyway: Eka Pada Koundinyasana Tutorial

It’s the weekend before Halloween, and we’re seeking out things that scare us. Like, arm balances, back bends, and intense hip openers. In my yoga world, these poses are what can traditionally cause a room full of flowing, breathing, practitioners to pause their momentum, maybe look at each other in the room or stare themselves… Read More