Transformation Starts with Getting Wet- 5 Reasons Why Water is An Agent of Change.

Look deep into the elements of nature and you will discover an answer to everything.

I recently co-led a yoga retreat for Transforming our Self-Talk and where better to let our emotions flow than at a hot springs?

Not only did we luxuriate in the healing powers of Miracle Hot Springs water, but our indoor portion of the day was in a geodesic dome heated by said miracle water. Such a space for release.


And release we must if we are trying to change internal selves instead of just our symptomatic habits. We took time during our day to release ourselves from judgments of the past as well as release our selves from expectations and doubts of the future. Once we had permission to release the things we were free to focus on intentions for change, for right now.

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So we look to the water element as a model for our own transformation.

Water is a carrier of nourishment.

We are 2/3 water.  Humans need it to survive, to thrive, to grow the additional resources needed for a complete life.  But water can also physically transport goods over oceans, down rivers, across lakes; it can make us feel clean, cared for, refreshed.  It brings with it, in it, and on- life.

Water can take on any shape.

Water can flow between through, over, under, and beside and object.  It can change into whatever shape it needs to be to keep moving forward. According to Bruce Lee, we are to be formless like water: if you pour water into a cup, the water becomes the cup; if we put water into a kettle, it becomes the kettle; so if we can be like water, we can become anything.  

Water is powerful, yet most of the time it is a slow, consistent power.

Water is able to cut through mountains, carry boulders, bury cities in massive shows of strength.  But a small trickle of water can also erode arches, and canyons, and deep holes over hundreds of years.  Water does not have to rush, or act desperately. It has patience.

Water is constantly renewing itself.

The water cycle is something that we learn about in grade school, but maybe never internalize.  Take different forms, move independently, then together, revert back to one form and start all over again.  Most importantly, allow the time and space needed to feel renewed,

Water always flows to a greater source.

Water is always on a journey: springs feed streams feed rivers feed oceans.

Most of us have realized we are on a journey.  That our accomplishments are bigger than a more prestigious title at work, a more socially acceptable wardrobe, a larger following on social media. All of these things can give us a sense of feeling connected for a moment, but that connection isn’t sustainable.  A connection to something bigger than-greater than-universal, this connection is something that we can feel no matter what heartache or disappointment we encounter.

The water within us and around us is connected.  The lessons that the creeks and lakes and rain are teaching are lessons of how to transform into whoever or whatever we are striving to be.

If you’d like to read more on staying present, this will help.


Author: yogacentricllc

A registered yoga instructor , outdoor enthusiast, and sustainable living practitioner who is here to support you on whatever quiets your mind and calms your soul.

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