Incorporating philosophy and storytelling into your yoga instruction

Good morning! It is Day 4 of my YogaFit training in Salem, Oregon.  Today is the last day of an extended weekend of inspiration and enthusiasm for teaching yoga.  I love getting together with other instructors to share how we each connect our students to the benefits of yoga (satsang).

This training, especially, has made my heart swell and my brain spin with possibilities.  Our group has been reviewing classic yogic texts and analyzing the application of these ancient lessons.  We discuss what these passages mean to us personally and how we can make these lessons approachable to our students by weaving them into the structure of our yoga classes.  Storytelling is such a powerful tool.

Each day we begin with thoughtfully crafted yoga classes that involve mantras, mudras, sutras, sanskrit and beautiful back stories that inform and encourage (sigh).

I am so excited to get back with all of my yogis and implement some of this teaching!


Author: yogacentricllc

A registered yoga instructor , outdoor enthusiast, and sustainable living practitioner who is here to support you on whatever quiets your mind and calms your soul.

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