Kombucha Brewing Sunday

The windows get steamy and the kitchen smells a bit tangy. It happens before breakfast, but after coffee. It takes up quite a bit of counter space, but that’s a small price to pay.

Who doesn’t love a good Sunday morning tradition?

Once a week I brew a double batch of Kombucha to set myself and some choice comrades up for 7 days of happy tummies.

Kombucha, sweet black tea that is fermented with a SCOBY, is said to regulate digestion, regulate blood sugar, and ease inflamation. Oh, and it tastes pretty dang good too.

When you buy Kombucha at the store, it can be pretty costly, and then you have an excess of wasted glass bottles (except that you are reusing yours for cute gifts and crafts of course).

Brewing it at home alleviates any stress on environment, or the wallet-double win.

Plus, once you’re in a rhythm of brewing on the reg, it is super easy.

Ready to jump right in?


  • Active SCOBY
  • 1 cup of previously brewed starter liquid
  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • 8-12 cups water (depending on strength of brew preference)
  • 8 black tea bags (or half black and half green, depending on flavor and caffeine preference)

Basic Recipe and Process

  1. Heat water to boiling or near boiling
  2. Combine sugar and stir to dissolve
  3. Pour sugar water into glass jar and add in tea bags to steep (or add tea bags to stock pot to steep, then pour brewed tea into glass jar)
  4. Allow tea bags to steep for at least 20 minutes, then discard
  5. Let tea rest until it has cooled to room temperature (if short on time, add 2-3 cups cold DISTILLED water to the brew to help it cool down quicker)
  6. Add in SCOBY and starter liquid
  7. Cover with cloth and secure with rubber band or string
  8. Allow tea to ferment in an undisturbed area (cupboard, counter, shelf) for 7-30 days
  9. Taste brew periodically to test for flavor preference until ready
  10. Remove SCOBY and reserve 1 cup of starter liquid for next batch
  11. Transfer brewed kombucha into airtight bottles and store in refrigerator to drink

-OR- proceed to flavoring

-OR- proceed to second fermentation

Brewing kombucha is now as easy as the Sunday morning that its done on.

Let me know if it’s the same for you.


Author: yogacentricllc

A registered yoga instructor , outdoor enthusiast, and sustainable living practitioner who is here to support you on whatever quiets your mind and calms your soul.

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