Booch Brewing Workshops

Kombucha Starter (SCOBY) with brewing instructions

If you’ve been wanting to start your own Kombucha Brew, this SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) along with its starter liquid are what you need. Once you add a fresh SCOBY to your brewed sweet tea, you’re kombucha is almost made! This SCOBY is shipped in plastic with enough liquid to start brewing. Instructions on Kombucha Brewing are included.


Propogating bacteria is my thing.

I taught my second Kombucha Brewing class for the local college here, and I absolutely love them.

It’s exciting to share something so simple that can benefit so much. Besides the pleasure that comes from making something with your own hands, on your own time, with your own ingredients, kombucha promotes belly health and tastes awesome. AND! It is so much cheaper to make it yourself!

These workshops offer instruction, samples, and live fermenting demonstration, but the best part is that all of those specific or confusing steps get explained in the moment. So many great questions come up when a big group of people begin sharing their experiences.

The best part of attending?

Each participant takes home a Brew Your Own Booch Starter Kit so they can begin making kombucha the moment they get home! The kits include

  • Step by step recipe instructions, best practices, flavoring combinations, and frequently asked questions
  • Ingredients for initial Brew
  • Live SCOBY in starter liquid

Obtaining a live SCOBY can be difficult, so getting these kits is the highlight of the class.

I can’t wait to teach another one.

Anyone want a starter kit of their own?  If you want a preview of what brewing is like, check our THIS recipe.

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